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The unique design and steel construction of the A-Tension-Getter makes it possible for you to apply soothing pressure and massage movement to exactly the right place, especially along the common "tender spots" of the back (click here for picture).

Two sizes of rubber pressure ends and two end shapes, one flat and one rounded, enable you to vary the type of pressure and massage applied. Use the smaller end for deep penetration of muscles (click here for picture). The larger end can be used to massage larger muscle areas (click here for picture).

1. Hold the A-Tension-Getter so that one of the rubber tips is positioned exactly at the point of muscle tension. Place the palm of one hand against the opposite tip, and use the other hand to hold and guide the A-Tension-Getter.

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For example, if the muscle tension is located on the right side of your back, use your right arm to hold and guide the A-Tension-Getter, placing your left plalm against the rubber tip.

12. Push the A-Tension-Getter against the sore point to apply repeated pressure and massage to the tension point gently or a little more firmly as you desire until the muscle bundle is loosened.

The spine remains a vital area especially to the lower back for such conditions as migraine headaches, constipation, prostate and female disorders. Many times these are manifestations of stress or tension which have settled in the spine.

As you apply pressure to the sore muscle area, try gently rotating the A-Tension-Getter left and right to help provide relief.

For neck pain, try placing the A-Tension-Getter against the back of your neck, holding one end in each hand. Turn your head from side-to-side in a gently rolling motion.

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The Feet
The feet are surprisingly sensitive parts of the human body. There are a series of reflex points across the foot that tie in with other parts of the body. The A-Tension-Getter is perfect for working these points, much more effective than other tools for doing so.


The A-Tension-Getter is great for working the reflex points in your feet. You can work your feet from a chair, or lying on the floor. You can use this wonderful device from any position, anywhere.

After all, the spine is the center of the body's equilibrium as it holds us erect. And that is surrounded by muscles, ligaments, tendons and a great many nerves. When tension builds up and perhaps pulls a set of muscles, we have the entire body reacting to fight that tension. Some people describe it as "their back being out". It is simply muscles pulling on that spine as a result of tension. Certainly, sublaxations may occur meaning the vertebrae are out of proper alignment.. But remember bones don't move by themselves -- only when pulled by muscles, muscles that are tense, more tense than they should be.

The A-Tension-Getter includes our instructional video, a complete guide to using this wonderful device.

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