"Aside from the alleviation of pain, the use of this device may save some patients from the aggravation and frustration of repeated trips for treatment, lost work time, and out the pocket costs."
Ronald Schubert, M.D.

"It helps you help yourself!"
Bertha Cheatham, Chiropractic

"I wouldn't take anything for mine, if there was nothing to replace it."
Jim Combs

The A-Tension-Getter has helped my health and my wallet!"
Chris Engle

After spending over $10,000 with just one doctor, I found relief with the A-Tension-Getter. Dempsey, God loves you and so do I."
Faye Ramer

The A-Tension-Getter Story

"I knew if I could reach it, I could fix it."

I had major back problems for over 30 years. My back was stiff and painful. I went to the Doctor two or three times a week. Finally I was told I had arthritis, there was nothing more to do to relieve the pain. I knew if I could reach it I could fix it. I did and you can too! The A-Tension-Getter is a simple solution to many complex problems. Reports of success come in every day. Use this therapeutic device just like exercise, to your own tolerance.

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